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What can you do with chipped, broken, and burnt diamonds?

We specialize in re-cutting broken, chipped, burnt or fire scorched heated and old mined diamonds into brilliant cuts. 

What can you do with chipped, broken, and burnt diamonds?

We can re-polish a burned diamond. We can repair your diamond with substantially less weight loss. We have improved clarity grades from SI1 to Flawless with minor

We are a proud part of New York City's Diamond Center History.

  • Over 30 Years Experience!
  • In July 1975, our resident Diamond Doctor, Lenny Fuchs, demonstrated diamond cutting at the RJA show at the Americana Hotel in New York.
  • In the April 1977 issue of Jewelers Circular Keystone we were the focus of Associate Editor, David Federman.

We perform top quality work for many jewelers. Please view samples of satisfied clients here.

Close to 10,000 jewelers are satisfied customers. It is our privelege to grow our company by repeat business and via word of mouth reputation in an industry that requires excellence.

We do business in every state, including Alaska and Hawaii.

We can gladly furnish a reference from a jeweler in your state.

We pride ourselves on transforming dull looking stones into the most brilliant diamonds, with only the smallest weight loss.
Another example of a classic improvement we are called upon by many clients is to remove the bow tie effect in oval, marquise & pear shapes.

We advise ALL our clients to post a sign at your store front offering DIAMOND REPAIRS. Your average customer is not aware that diamonds break or can regain their brilliance. Click here for SAMPLE store sign.

1/3 of all customers have some serious defect with their diamonds.

  • The stone is missing or loose.
  • A stone needs tightening or resetting.
  • The stone may be chipped, cracked or broken.
  • Some will have old miners that can be re-cut to gem diamonds.
  • Off color diamonds can be color treated.
  • Highly imperfect stones can be fracture filled.
  • Black piques can be lasered and so on.
When you need the best diamond cutter to re-cut or repair your diamonds contact lenny@qualitydiamondrepair.com.

The Diamond Doctor
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